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Implementation MOPs

This Method of Procedure (MOP) has been created for the installation of a Battery Management System (BMS) in power plants and substations, utilizing the BatteryDAQ Sentry-6002NEMA (125/250VDC) and Sentry-2402NEMA (-48VDC) devices.

The installation should be performed by qualified service personnel who are knowledgeable about batteries and the necessary precautions that should be taken.

Safety Cautions

  1. Please take BatteryDAQ’s in-class, on-site or remote training.
  2. Please prepare and follow “Safe Work Plan – Electrical & Arc Flash Hazard Mitigation” guideline for specific site and battery.
    [Safe Work Plan shall be available with this MOP before installation starts.]
  3. Other client site requirements

Part#1 – Mounting and Wiring

Sentry-6002 measurement unit connects to battery posts3 temperature probes and current transducer via 12 multi-conductor (12C) cables. Please read this panel carefully to understand the name and purpose for each pin.

Part#2 – Setting and Verification


Part#3 – SCADA and Dashboard


Part#4 – NERC Report

NERC Report

Part#5 – Load Test

Load test

Part#6 – Data-driven Battery Services

Data and Alarm

Download Word and Pdf Files

MOP Document NameWord Versionpdf Version
MOP Part#1 - Mounting and WiringPart#1 (.docx)Part#1 (.pdf)
MOP Part#2 - Setting and VerificationPart#2 (.docx)Part#2 (.pdf)
MOP Part#3 - SCADA and DashboardPart#3 (.docx)Part#3 (.pdf)
MOP Part#4 - NERC ReportPart#4 (.docx)Part#4 (.pdf)
MOP Part#5 - Load TestPart#5 (.docx)Part#5 (.pdf)
MOP Part#6 - Data and Alarm Handling
(Data-Driven Battery Services)
Part#6 (.docx)Part#6 (.pdf)
Sentry-6002NEMA Connection Schematics (High Resolution)-ST6002 Connection Schematics (.pdf)