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Power Plants and Substations

Data driven battery maintenance for NERC compliance

Precise Measurements

  • String voltage and cell voltage
  • Float current and RMS ripple current
  • High resolution cell internal resistance
  • High resolution inter-cell connection/terminal resistance
  • Ambient and multiple pilots temperature
  • Optional: Ground fault

Reliable NEMA Product

  • NEMA4 airtight design, flame retardant polycarbonate enclosure, allowing installation in battery room
  • Designed for a long service life (20+ years)
  • All-in-one, offering greater reliability compared to daisy-chained modular designs
  • Proudly Made in USA with the AS9100D / ISO9001 standard

Easy to Install

  • Optimized wiring/harness design
  • Plug & play, minimum IT settings
  • Proven, efficient workflow for full scale implementations
  • Online MOP optimized for mobile phone

Data Driven Maintenance

  • Visualize actionable data and alarm on centralized dashboard
  • SOH (battery health) ranking and sorting
  • 1-Click NERC report
  • Efficient SCADA / PI system integration

BMS Architecture for Power Plants

BMS Architecture for Substations

Our Sentry series product covers all battery applications for power plants and substations.

Models for cell level monitoring


Up to 60x2V per unit

125V (1 unit) or 250V system (2 units daisy chained)


up to 100×1.2V per unit

125V (1 unit) or 250V system (2 units daisy chained)


23x2V or 24x2V

Standard Sentry-2402 in NEMA enclosure for installing in battery room


pre-configured for 10x12V, 20x6V, 24x12V

Install onto the battery rack or cabinet


9x12V or 10x12V

Install onto the battery rack or cabinet


24V (2x12V) or 48V (4x12V), 1 or 2 strings

Communication or switchgear power

String-level monitoring for NERC TPL-001-5 continuity mandate

For customers not yet set for cell-level monitoring, BatteryDAQ™ offers a solution tailored to meet NERC continuity requirements.

Simple to install with SBM-650 string level battery monitoring kit

TPL-001-5 Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements

Table 1 – Steady State & Stability Performance Footnotes

13. For purpose of this standard, non-redundant components of a Protection System to consider are as follows:

c. A single station dc supply associated with protective functions required for Normal Clearing (an exception is a single station dc supply that is bother monitored and reported at a Control Center for both low voltage and open circuit);