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Ashburn: The Data Center Capital

Located in a county through which an estimated 70% of the world’s Internet traffic is routed, Ashburn is rightly known as the Data Center Capital of the World. Just 85 miles away, BatteryDAQ™ is well positioned to offer unparalleled in-person support encompassing planning, installation, user training, commissioning, and after-sale assistance.

At BatteryDAQ™, we don’t just provide solutions; we listen to the needs of data center operators and transform their ideas into reliable products. The GenPro model stands as a testament to this approach, embodying the practical and innovative outcomes of our customer-focused philosophy.


A complete product line designed for UPS/EPS applications ranging from a small office to the largest data center


Low Voltage

24 / -48V

VRLA or Vented

High Voltage UPS

300 to 600V

VRLA or Vented

Sentry-4412HV (6V, 12V, 16V)

Sentry-6002NEMA (2V, 4V)

Industrial DC

100 to 300V

VRLA, Vented, NiCad

Sentry-2412 (6V, 12V, or multi-cell 2V/1.2V)

Sentry-6002NEMA (2V)

Sentry-6002NiCad (1.2V)


Sentry-GenPro is the only product on the market capable of evaluating Generator starting battery deterioration and exercise performance. It has been seamlessly implemented to protect nationwide datacenters with popular generator brands such as Caterpillar and Cummins. Read more …