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Sentry Models

Made in USA, 10+ models cover all Telecom, UPS and utility DC applications, for any scale. UL certified and CE marking.

  1. All models (except NB4/8) have a 4-pin port for HMI for service/calibration or permanent onsite display.
  2. Battery Analyzer PC software is supplied and compatible with all models.
  3. Integration options: Modbus-RTU via RS232/RS485, Modbus-TCP, SNMP, Database Query, and Web page embedding.
  4. NERC Auto-fill Excel software is available for customizing battery service reporting for NERC compliance.
  5. MyBattery Platform™ and Geo-map reporting are recommended for large scale Telecom/Utility applications.

SOH/SOC/Runtime algorithm has been implemented to all Telecom 24V/48V models.

Model Photo Max Batt# per Unit Applications
Sentry-NB4T 2 x 12V 

3 x 12V

4 x 12V

4 x 6V

[with Active Balancing] 

Traffic light backup power

Solar powered radio stations

Sentry-NB8 4 x 12V, 1 or 2 strings
4 x 6V, 1 or 2 strings
2 x 12V, 1 or 2 strings
Telecom cell sites, micro/5G sites 

Cable/Broadband cabinets

Traffic light backup power

Solar powered radio stations

Sentry-S6 4 x 12V, 3 to 6 strings Telecom sites, -48V
Sentry-S15 2 x 12V, 3 to 15 strings Telecom sites, 24V
Sentry-1202 12 x 2V Telecom sites, 24V   

NiCad 9 x 1.2V (12V system)

Sentry-2402 24 x 2V Telecom plants and sites, -48V
Sentry-2412 24 x 12V     

10 x 12V

20 x 6V

Medium-size UPS (100 to 350VDC)   

Utility (NERC) switchgear 120/240VDC

NiCad 120/240V multi-cell monitoring

High Voltage Bank (Two units for 48 x 12V)

Sentry-4412HV 44 x 12V     

40 x 12V

32 x 16V

Large UPS (High Ripple/Noise online UPS)[Pre-configured for popular 40x12V]
Sentry-6002NEMA 60 x 2V per unit     

100 x 1.2V NiCad

NERC Compliance Utility substations and generation plants with 120VDC or 240VDC bank   

NiCad 110/220VDC (up to 100 x 1.2V per unit)

Large UPS with 240 x 2V