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NERC Compliance - Battery Monitoring for Power Plants and Substations

Comprehensive and Reliable Monitoring Solutions for Utility, Telecom, and UPS

BatteryDAQ™ stands for “Battery Data Acquisition” and we are a global leader in battery monitoring systems.

With our Sentry series of battery monitoring hardware, efficient data/alarm management software, secured MyBattery Platform™, centralized dashboard, and flexible integration support, BatteryDAQ™ uniquely delivers clear, concise state-of-health data, enabling customers to effectively manage an unlimited number of sites and batteries, and proactively target site maintenance.

With the reliable Made-in-USA products and scalable implementation support, BatteryDAQ™ is the strategic technology partner trusted by businesses around the world.

State-of-art production facility and training center in Maryland, BatteryDAQ™ supports you to complete a battery monitoring project on time and within budget!

Redefining the Battery Monitoring Industry

☑ 15+ models shaped by evolution over 20 years
☑ Proudly designed and made in USA
☑ Full coverage for UPS, telecom sites, power plants and substations
☑ Accurate, Effective, Reliable, Affordable, and Streamlined monitoring to data/alarm
☑ Designed as IEEE standards for Vented/Valve Regulated Lead Acid and Nickel-Cadmium batteries
☑ UL and CE certified. ISO-9001 production
☑ Efficient, secured web based data/alarm management for any size implementation
☑ Flexible integration options to NOC and SCADA
☑ Automated monitoring and reporting for NERC PRC-005 compliance audit
☑ 10,000+ units deployed worldwide

Trusted by Power Companies:

Telecom Operators and Contractors:

Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint/T-Mobile, GTA, Vodafone, Digicel, SilverStar, Accesstel, Telstra, Westell, Tessco, LOGICALIS, Claro, …

(

Our Worldwide Partners Servicing UPS & Industrial Critical Power:

IBS, Riello UPS, EnerSys, Elettro, RTA, Tensor, MESA, CPG, Quality Standby, Direct Power, AVIEM, Expedient, …

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