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The Powerhouse of Battery Monitoring Excellence

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BatteryDAQ™ stands for “Battery Data Acquisition” and we are a global leader in battery monitoring solutions.

With our Sentry series of battery monitoring hardware, efficient data/alarm delivery methods and management software, secured cloud (portable to server in private network) MyBattery Platform™, on-premises centralized dashboard, and flexible integration support, BatteryDAQ™ uniquely delivers clear, concise state-of-health data, enabling customers to effectively manage an unlimited number of sites and batteries, and proactively target site maintenance.

Proudly Made in the USA, BatteryDAQ™’s products are synonymous with reliability. Our scalable implementation support makes us the go-to strategic technology partner for businesses worldwide.

Located in Maryland, our state-of-the-art production facility and training center are the cornerstones of our commitment to your success. With BatteryDAQ™ by your side, you’re set to complete battery monitoring projects efficiently, on time, and within budget.

Best Known for

Reliable: Precision-Engineered for Critical Operations

  • Each of our 15+ models reflects over 20 years of evolution and diligent design, eschewing one-size-fits-all modular solutions for tailored excellence.
  • Easy to install. Designed to withstand the most challenging battery environments.
  • UL certified and proudly made in the USA, adhering to ISO-9001 standards, ensuring top-tier quality and reliability.


Scalable: Proven Success in Diverse Applications

  • Demonstrated success in full-scale implementations across power plants, substations, cell sites, and data centers.
  • Our systems offer efficient and secure data/alarm management, adaptable to any application size.
  • Flexibility in integration with NOC, SCADA, and PI System, catering to varied operational needs.


Responsive: Nationwide Support and Service

  • In partnership with Concentric/MESA and our trained/certified regional critical power service providers, we together provide comprehensive nationwide installations and data-driven battery services.
  • Direct phone/web meeting to support technicians for on-site assistance, ensuring timely and effective problem resolution.
  • A substantial inventory of regular models and parts for quick and efficient order and service delivery.


Power Plants and Substations

Trusted by leading power companies

At BatteryDAQ™, we’re committed to ensuring the reliability, efficiency and data security of battery monitoring systems that are pivotal to our nation’s power grid. Our solutions are trusted by many power companies with full scale implementations for NERC Compliance, reflecting our dedication to quality and performance.

NERC Solutions

Cell Sites and Broadband

Approved by Top Telecom Carriers

BatteryDAQ™ is at the forefront of providing telecommunications with tailored solutions earning approval from major telecom carriers and third parties across the USA. We are dedicated to delivering the most effective, reliable and secured monitoring systems for telecom and broadband operations of any size.

Telecom Solutions

UPS and Industrial Power

“A fraction of your battery cost”

BatteryDAQ™ offers all-in-one advanced affordable models for up to 630VDC UPS systems, along with a centralized web based dashboard for visualizing data and alarms for all your batteries, including those monitored by other brand BMS.

GenPro model stands alone in the market, specifically designed for gensets to effectively monitor the state-of-health & evaluate the battery cranking capability. Validated on Caterpillar and Cummins generators.

UPS Critical Power

OEM Solutions

Seamless Integration, Swift Market Entry

Incorporate BatteryDAQ™’s field-tested modules and expertise into your products to not only gain access to reliable State of Health (SOH) and State of Charge (SOC) data for critical batteries but also to significantly hasten your product’s journey from design to market. Our modules, having been rigorously proven in real-world applications, offer the assurance of quality and reliability, reducing the time and resources needed for extensive testing.