The world leader of effective battery monitoring for any scale.

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15+ models Sentry-NB4 Sentry-NB4T Sentry-NB8 Sentry-S6 Sentry-S15 Sentry-1202 Sentry-2402 Sentry-1012 Sentry-2412 Sentry-4412HV Sentry-6002NEMA Sentry-30EX Sentry-24C Sentry-25C Sentry-GenPro All Models Telecom Solutions NERC UPS Solar
The Warehouse for Battery Monitoring Projects

☑ 15+ Models Tailored for Specific Applications
☑ Reliable, Efficient, Affordable, and Enjoyable
☑ Designed as IEEE Standards
☑ UL and CE Certified. ISO 9001 Production
☑ Automated for NERC PRC-005 Compliance
☑ FREE Cloud MyBattery Platform™ for Unlimited Sites
☑ Flexible Integration Options to NOC and SCADA
☑ 10,000+ Units Deployed Worldwide

Warehousing in Maryland, BatteryDAQ™ supports you to complete a battery monitoring project on time and within budget!

Battery Monitoring 101

MyBattery Platform

Budgeting & Ordering

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Comprehensive and Cost-effective Solutions for Telecom, Utility and UPS

BatteryDAQ™ stands for “Battery Data Acquisition” and we are a global leader in battery monitoring systems. With our Sentry series of battery monitoring hardware, Battery Analyzer software, MyBattery Platform™ and flexible integration support, BatteryDAQ™ uniquely delivers clear, concise state-of-health data, enabling customers to effectively manage an unlimited number of batteries, and proactively target site maintenance. With cost-effective products and scalable implementation support, BatteryDAQ™ is the strategic technology partner trusted by businesses around the world.



  • :: Early identification of battery failure
  • :: Thermal runaway detection and prevention
  • :: Intelligent SOH, SOC and Runtime estimation
  • Cost Saving

    Cost Saving

  • :: Streamline preventative battery service
  • :: Automate NERC compliance battery report
  • :: Improve site safety and power reliability
  • Implementation

    Easy Implementation

  • :: Easy installation and operation
  • :: Interactive GeoMap for unlimited sites
  • :: Flexible integration to other systems
  • Bringing innovations to the battery industry since 1992 more
    Battery Monitoring Evolution for Cell Towers and OSP Cabinets more
    "Let Someone Else Worry - About Your Batteries" pdf


    CFE Engineer

    "A word of advice? The first step is to throw away everything you thought you knew about battery monitoring!"

    -CFE Engineer
    Operations manager

    “Accurate and real-time battery data is always at my fingertips; at the site, at my office, at home, or on the road.”

    -Operations manager

    “Internal resistance data for each battery becomes obviously useful.”

    Substation Engineer

    “Connection resistance data exposes any issues with corrosion and installation or service quality. My Job is not done until this bar chart looks perfect. It literally directs me to go clean and tighten the posts of cells #8 and #9.”

    -Substation Engineer