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BatteryDAQ provides secured battery data and alarm management solutions for different type of clients, please consulting with BatteryDAQ for the best solution or combinations for:

  • NERC Utility Customers
  • Small/medium Telecom Carriers
  • Large Telecom Carries
  • Factory Plants
  • Datacenters

Master-800 Centralized Dashboard is the most welcome solution to manage remote sites inside private network such as utility. It runs in parallel with SCADA or PI system. It provides better visualization for battery data and alarm with easy, quick interaction. (Read more about Master-800)

MyBattery Cloud platform, as the security improves by cloud provider and the eco system, is gradually accepted by small/medium telecom carries and UPS service providers. This platform is portable to install inside private network.

Legacy PC software Battery Analyzer is still available, free of charge. (Battery Analyzer software setup)

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Revolutionary global battery state-of-health monitoring platform

MyBattery Platform™ accomplishes two major goals:

1) Providing cloud access to actionable battery data

2) Supporting large scale for millions of batteries.

MyBattery Platform™ enables Telecom carriers, electricity suppliers and other battery service companies with large number of sites/substations, the ability to efficiently monitor unlimited sites, while lowering their maintenance and overall operational costs.

It also provides the flexibility to analyze pertinent battery condition measurements from any device with internet access, whether from a centralized office, or in the field.

:: Database — It is the core of our informatics solution. The Database will archive battery data over the lifetime of the battery. Its high level performance and scalability enables the platform to handle millions of batteries worldwide.

:: MyBattery Browser — Users can access data from anywhere via the internet. Empowered by Google maps and our informatics platform, one service engineer can easily manage several thousand sites/plants. Likewise, regional, national, and/or global executives can view and analyze sites, from anywhere at anytime.

:: Data Collection Engine — It is the junction between the database and the battery monitoring system. The Data Engine supports both Ethernet and wireless connection to thousands of monitoring systems.

:: Data Analysis Engine -Our more than 20 years of experience with battery conditioning monitoring enables us to encode the Data Analysis engine so that it generates reliable warnings/alarms to guide battery service and replacement.

:: Reporting — comprehensive reports for your batteries, with a great deal of customizeable fields, can be created and saved directly from the platform. Secured access and user-friendly flexibility can provide reports that range from clear summaries and figures for management, to drill down, comprehensive analystics for budgeting and battery manufacturer performance.

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