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NERC TPL-001-5 Compliance


The reliable string-level monitoring for
NERC TPL-001-5 Compliance

Key Features

  • Reliably detects open battery or connection problems for continuity
  • Total Internal Resistance + Connection Resistance to evaluate Battery Deterioration
  • Float Voltage, Current and Ripple
  • Ambient/Pilot Temperature Thermal Runaway Prevention
  • Unintentional Ground
  • NEMA 4 / IP66 rated for Battery Room Installation
  • Remote site management with Ethernet or Cellular IoT.


Sentry Battery Monitor SBM-650 utilizes BatteryDAQ field proven technologies to reliably detect battery faults for NERC PRC-005-2 compliance.

This string-level monitoring unit is designed for utility clients choosing not to monitor at the cell-level. Connections to the battery system are simplified & optimized for easy installation. Monitor can be installed while battery bank is online.

Only 3 connections: BUS+, BUS-, Middle Point. (Foolproof, protected for wrong connections)

Simple, Effective.