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Battery Analyzer Software

Battery Analyzer and DAS are the powerful monitoring software based on BatteryDAQ’s experience and focus. It provides users critical information about their batteries by data, tables and charts. The real-time string voltage, current, temperature, cell voltage, and internal resistance are collected and historical data is stored in the database. Battery condition can be easily visualized and analyzed/trended.
Client (Battery Analyzer) and server (DAS) communicate through standard Modbus-TCP protocol. One server can provide battery data for multiple clients. It is easy to integrate data and alarm to the enterprise central management informatics platform and building security system.


  • Real-time data display for current, string voltage, cell voltage, cell internal resistance, inter-cell connection resistance (depending on connected battery monitor model.)
  • Real-time analysis and color indication for outliers
  • Excel sheet export and report generation
  • Easy to locate battery location, number and date/time
  • Trend charts for voltage and internal resistance
  • Store battery data, alarm and discharge events to database
  • Record the entire discharge event with duration and discharge curve for each battery
  • Modbus-TCP for integration to multiple systems
  • Email and/or SMS alarm delivery
  • SNMP to 3 IP addresses with trap management
  • Can be installed for multiple users, each with its own selected sites and settings
  • Compatible with MyBattery Platform™, a cloud based battery data access and management platform

Alarm Settings

  • String/Bus voltage high and low alarm
  • Temperature high/low
  • Individual battery voltage high and low alarm
  • Individual cell resistance high and low alarm
  • Individual cell resistance warning as a percentage of alarm threshold
  • Individual battery voltage low alarm during discharge
  • Discharge string current high


  • Alarm list/condition reporting – Excel
  • Battery out-of-limits summary report – Excel
  • Individual battery voltages over time – graph or Excel
  • Individual battery resistance values over time – graph or Excel
  • Total battery voltage over time – graph or Excel
  • Battery temperature / room temperature over time – graph or Excel
  • Discharge report: total battery voltage decay vs. time – graph or Excel
  • Discharge report: battery voltage decay vs. time – graph or Excel

Minimum PC Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10/11 operation system [Win XP is no longer supported.]
  • RAM 2G, Disk 200G
  • Able to install Microsoft SQL Express

Contact us for a software copy so you can install on your own computer and connect to BMS in our lab.

Database Installation

Please install SQL Server Express [Free version from Microsoft] database before installing Battery Analyzer.

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2022 Express

Everything goes with default. Choose Windows Authentication and select the user during installation.

Battery Analyzer Installation