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GenSet Starting Batteries

We Create BMS with Critical Power Operators

For mission critical Genset applications, weak or undercharged starting batteries shall be identified for service and/or replacement, in order to ensure ongoing reliability.

It is important to understand that manual measurements using a handheld impedance meter is not sufficient. Specific reasons for inadequacy include:

  1. Most handheld meters utilize a small current, <10A, as compared to the 300 – 500A starting current for generators. This renders handheld meters inferior as a realistic solution.
  2. Manual test data is often times not repeatable. This makes it difficult to trend the deterioration or to evaluate actual CCA with impedance data.
  3. When the Sentry-GenPro monitor is implemented, battery discharge data during s Genset routine exercise will be collected and analyzed, in order to evaluate available cranking capacity. Handheld meters and other automated Battery Monitoring Systems (BMS) are not designed to capture rapid discharge data.
  4. Other BMS on the market are designed for backup applications. The measurements taken by those systems are not relevant to starting performance. Additionally, other monitors are not designed for high operating temperature and excessive vibration environments.

BatteryDAQ has been working closely with Genset clients to develop and validate a reliable model, which is fundamentally different from existing BMS models for backup applications. [Much of this credit belongs to Brian Gonzalez, a very talented & experienced Datacenter Reliability Engineer who contributed specifications, feedback, and commitment to refine and validate the Sentry-GenPro.]