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Reliable BMS for UPS


the versatile BMS for industrial power

All-in-one reliable system

Key Features

  • Precise IR. Sufficient precision for high capacity Lead Acid or Nickel Cadmium batteries while used for multi-cell monitoring.
  • High Noise Immunity. Accurate measurement on high ripple ups systems.
  • Easy to Install. Simplified connection: one wire per battery, plus three IR wires for one string. Easy to set for any number of cells for multi-cell applications. (For example, 87 x 1.2V NiCad, 21 channel with 4-cell and last channel 3-cell.)
  • Access Data/Alarm from Anywhere. Ethernet or Cellular IoT.


The Sentry-2412 is an industrial grade battery health monitoring system designed for a wide range (100 to 350V) of UPS systems and utility switchgear DC applications. This compact unit combines superior data quality with a flexible and streamlined installation, which makes it suitable for server rooms, data centers, refineries, railroads, substations, as well as numerous other industrial applications.

IEEE standard reference:
IEEE-1188, IEEE Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Batteries for Stationary Applications
IEEE-1184, IEEE Guide for Batteries for Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
IEEE 1491-2012 IEEE Guide for Selection and Use of Battery Monitoring Equipment in Stationary Applications

Enduring Quality, Time-Tested Trust.