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Field Proven BMS for NERC Compliance


the flagship product for power plants and substations with 125V and 250VDC

Key Features

  • Ultra Precise Internal Resistance Measurement
  • Discriminated Inter-Cell Resistance
  • IP65 (NEMA4) Grade, UL Certified Airtight Protection
  • Automatic Discharge Capture
  • Interactive Load Test Recording
  • Easy Installation
  • SCADA, PI System Integration
  • 1-click NERC Reporting


a time-tested battery monitoring system tailored for power plants and substations with vented (flooded) or valve-regulated lead acid batteries. Our journey began with the pioneering BM6500 model in 1996, and today, our core measurement unit stands as a testament to continuous innovation. Remarkably, many of our initial units from that era remain operational, underlining our commitment to precision, reliability, and user-friendliness.

With a solid presence in key utility companies across North America and worldwide, the Sentry-6002NEMA meets and exceeds the requirements of IEEE standards and the latest NERC PRC-005. Our history of successful installations underscores the robustness of our offering, making it the go-to choice for critical battery monitoring for power utility automation needs.

Enduring Quality, Time-Tested Trust.