Product Description

Sentry-0212S15 is specifically designed for 24V systems with up to 15 strings of 2x12V in parallel

  • Digital Wavelet Technology. Precise IR (Internal Resistance / Conductance) online measurement is performed on each battery. User selectable internal resistance or conductance data display
  • No Noise/Interference to Power System. No need for high current discharge during internal resistance measurement
  • Over Voltage Protection. Designed with over voltage input for each sampling channel
  • High Resolution. 16 bit high resolution provides for clear and precise data acquisition
  • Solid State Scanning. (rather than mechanical relay) provides the highest reliability for telecom site and industrial applications
  • Modbus/RTU Communication. Provides high reliability and ease of integration
  • Compact Design. Permits convenient installation on top, or inside of the battery cabinet/rack
  • Access Data/Alarm from Anywhere. Firewall friendly Battery Analyzer software, plug and play, easy to manage large number of sites from anywhere via internet. Alarming through email, SMS and SNMP trap
  • HMI Panel. The plug and play touch panel (optional) allows the technician to configure and calibrate without the need of a PC
  • Supports Site/Building Management Systems. The system fully supports 3rd party network battery management systems with SNMP, Modbus TCP and hyperlink to real-time data

If you are not sure what to order, please collect the following information and contact BatteryDAQ:

  1. Project description: application type, number of sites, battery banks for each site.
  2. Battery working mode: backup, cycling
  3. Number of cells/batteries per string
  4. Number of strings (in parallel) per bank
  5. Battery type/model, post size
  6. Battery/Rack layout
  7. Current range
  8. Communication: Ethernet or Cellular IoT
  9. Integration, SCADA etc.

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