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What Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Tell Us about Wireless Carrier Preparedness

Disclaimer: This blog is in no way meant to diminish the concern everyone at BatteryDAQ has for every living creature in the paths of these natural disasters.  We would also like to note that there exist many other ways to disrupt the power grid, both naturally and man-initiated. It is our hope and deepest desire that the effective protections against these type of events continues to improve.

If Shakespeare had penned “A hurricane by any other name is still a hurricane.”, he would have been wrong. They may all meet certain criteria that place them in the category, but the devastation they leave behind can differ, depending on their particular destructive force.

After 12 years without a major hurricane landing on the U.S. mainland, 2 significant storms have severely damaged Houston and nearly the entire state of Florida in recent weeks.  However, when we examine the impact they had on cell tower outages, they tell very different stories.

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Automate NERC Reporting and Save Time and Money!

North American utility workers are buzzing with chatter these days.  They are all becoming aware of the “North American Electric Reliability Corporation“, or “NERC” for short.  Standards have been established, inspections are being made, violations are being sited, and…fines are being paid.

Fines. Operations personnel hate fines.  CFO’s hate fines.  I suppose no one likes fines…except those who impose them.

The truth is, change always presents some level of difficulty.  In the case of NERC standards, the changes make sense and should be adapted as a best demonstrated practice.

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Here’s a Question about Continuous Battery Monitoring

If you are still manually testing your batteries, I have a question – Why?

Really. I want to know why anyone who has done any level of decent research in the last 3-5 years would continue to perform manual tests on their backup battery power.

Let’s discuss the top objections I’ve come across (In no particular order). I will give a little hint to my responses; they all are covered if you have done any type of decent research in the past 3-5 years.

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Now you see it…NO YOU DON’T!

Let’s get right to it.  The BatteryDAQ Sentry line of continuous State-of-Health (SOH) battery monitoring systems is unparalleled in:

  • Design
  • Flexibility
  • Performance
  • Investment/ROI
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Success is Never Final – Battery Monitoring and Credit Cards


It is a catchy phrase, sure enough.  But, like every set of words strung together, the phrase can quickly slip into nothingness as quickly as it is uttered.  Attention to detail drives everything we do.  Believe it or not, the key word in that concept is “we”.  In many cases, an individual can be driven by attention to detail.  Everyone knows someone who is meticulous in their focus. Individual greatness, while always notable, has been witnessed by the masses numerous times.  It is admired, and in some cases, least for a while.

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