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A complete product line designed for UPS applications ranging from a small office to the largest data center

:: Large UPS system  — Typical example: 240 x 2V, 4 strings per site (Sentry-6002NEMA, 60x2V per unit)
We provide the most cost effective and reliable large scale battery monitoring systems for high capacity UPS that is utilized in data centers. The NEMA Sentry is designed for applications which require the system to be installed in a NEMA4/IP65 enclosure.

:: Medium size UPS — Typical example: 20 to 44 x 12V (Sentry 4412HV or 2412)
The thousands of monitors currently in service is a testament to our systems accuracy and reliability, including UPS with high ripple current. Data can be accessed within a network with our Battery Analyzer software and/or the cloud based solution we provide via our MyBattery platform. This allows the customer the ability to strategically protect their investment and proactively manage their maintenance costs.

:: Small UPS — Typical example: 2 x 4 x 12V (Sentry 0412S2 or Sentry NB)
Small UPS play a vital role in most offices but due to cost justification often lack reliable monitoring. “When should we replace our batteries?” Our compact and affordable monitor and cloud based MyBattery platform provide a cost effective solution to ensure the integrity of your office UPS.

:: Genset Starting Batteries — Weak or undercharged starting batteries shall be detected to ensure a reliable start. Manual measurement with handheld impedance meter is not sufficient. Exercise discharging data shall be collected and analyzed to evaluate available cranking capacity. Regular BMS is not designed to capture fast discharging data. BatteryDAQ Sentry-GenPro is the only product in the market capable of evaluating battery deterioration and exercise performance.

DC Batteries Model/Link Remark
48V 4x12V

1 or 2 strings

Refer to Telecom Models Small UPS cabinet
144V (120V) 10x12V


Sentry-1012 Medium UPS
328V (288V) 24x12V Sentry-2412 11 to 24 blocks
540V (480V)

580V (516V)




(Pre-configured for 40x12V)

25 to 40 blocks

up to 44 blocks

540V (480V) 240x2V Sentry-6002NEMA 4 units (4×60=240) per system

We have placed thousands of units around the world over the past 20 years.