The world leader of effective battery monitoring for any scale.

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20+ years of dedication has been recognized

“A word of advice? The first step is to throw away everything you thought you knew about battery monitoring!” CFE Engineer

“Accurate and real-time battery data is always at my fingertips; at the site, at my office, at home, or on the road.”Telecom operations manager

“Internal resistance data for each battery becomes obviously useful.” UPS Service Technician

“Connection resistance data exposes any issues with corrosion and installation or service quality. My Job is not done until this bar chart looks perfect. It literally directs me to go clean and tighten the posts of cells #8 and #9.” – CFE Substation Staff

“Data sharing has never been so easy. Got an alarm? Ask the opinion of a colleague/expert! Just a click away.” UPS Technician

“I have installed many BMS brands. By far, BatteryDAQ’s is the easiest and makes the most sense.” BMS Installer

“BatteryDAQ’s solutions go well beyond state-of-health data. This positively impacts many levels of operational processes…including my budget!” Telecom Carrier Project Manager

View a partner video featuring our battery monitoring solution: Battery Alert Services from OLP