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Cost-effective solution to monitor every telecom site and streamline battery maintenance

Effectively managing and servicing batteries throughout a large number of cell sites has always been a significant challenge for the Telecom industry…until now.

There are many reasons why batteries fail at any time during their rated life span.  More importantly, service providers lose customers and substantial revenue due to costly service disruptions when they do. Still, the decision to monitor remains difficult, due to the embedded stereotypes of prohibitive cost, excessive wiring, and ineffective control of previously available products. One size clearly does not fit all when it comes to remote battery monitoring.

How will the batteries be monitored and the information communicated? Once the information is received, how will so many sites be managed? What will be the total cost of ownership (TCO)? How much will effective monitoring save in maintenance costs? And, in the end, will the benefits of monitoring exceed the cost?

Enter, BatteryDAQ. Our remote site solutions were created specifically to overcome existing concerns. Truly, the time has arrived to take control of your remote site battery monitoring.

Option-A: Full SOH/SOC Option-B: Thermal Only
Features Full-blown BMS

Cell/block level internal resistance monitoring

SOH/SOC, Runtime estimation

Thermal risk detection and runaway prevention

Thermal risk detection and runaway preventionBattery end-of-life detection

String level monitoring, no wires to battery posts


6 models


Full line Sentry series for Telecom sites: Telecom Product Selection

White Paper: Comprehensive Battery Monitoring for Cell Sites

Contact us for a full copy: [email protected]

BatteryDAQ provides full line product to cover EVERY telecom application, from broadband cabinets, to every type of 24/48V cell site, to large central office. Read more about product selection …

White Paper Content (Request a copy)

  1. Batteries in Cell Sites
  2. Battery Failure Mode and Effective Monitoring
  3. Cell Site Battery Management – Grand Operational Challenge
  4. FCC rules for backup power
  5. Application characteristics and major concerns
  6. Battery maintenance costs for cell sites
  7. Internal Resistance – Interpretation Makes a Difference
  8. Impedance or Internal resistance, is there any difference?
  9. DC, AC or Wavelet technology – which is the best?
  10. Manual IR measurement – difficult to repeat
  11. Internal resistance trending
  12. Hardware Components
  13. Monitor
  14. Networking device
  15. MyBattery Platform™ – Ultimate Solution
  16. Limits of existing data handling software
  17. Platform features and benefits
  18. Live Screenshots of MyBattery Platform™
  19. Power Outage – best opportunity to evaluate a battery bank
  20. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Breakdown
  21. Cost (OPEX) Savings

BatteryDAQ Large Scale Data Management Video

“Integrate actionable data to battery maintenance and decision making.”