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Most “Solar Battery Monitoring Systems” on the market only monitor battery bank voltage, current and temperature. Because the individual batteries are not monitored and analyzed, those monitors cannot provide essential information for battery maintenance and replacement to the weak batteries before they compromise the entire battery string.

For example, for a string of 24 x 2V cells, one deteriorated 2V cell will affect the performance of the entire string. If it is not identified and replaced, the battery bank will have a shortened service lifetime, and poor energy harvest capability. Further, the significant expense of battery string will be wasted.

While some monitoring systems do monitor voltage to each cell/battery, they lack proper analysis of cycling performance. Since the nature of a solar battery bank is to undergo frequent charging and discharging, it is difficult to compare voltage data at various time points and battery status in order to obtain battery health information.

BatteryDAQ Sentry solar models monitor each battery. The intelligent firmware continuously analyzes battery charging/discharging data. The battery health is evaluated for each battery and presented as a percentage of performance. Any battery with low performance will be easily spotted for maintenance/replacement.

BatteryDAQ provides cost effective solutions to efficiently monitor remote sites from small to large scale, for a safe operation and to maximize battery service life. Contact us for a proposal.

Battery Configuration Model
24V or 48V System with 2V Cells
24 x 2V per string or 12x 2V per string
High Voltage System with 12V Batteries
25x12V (10 to 25 batteries)
48V System with 12V Batteries
4x12V per string, up to 6 strings per bank
24V System with 12V Batteries
2 x 12V per string, up to 15 strings per bank
Small 24V or 48V System
4 x 12V or 2 x 12V, 1 or 2 strings

               Model with C means “Cycling mode”