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Why So Serious? Battery Monitoring is Affordable and Enjoyable.

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Vince Vaughan has a new movie out about the business workplace.  Naturally, he wants to promote it.  So, the producers partnered with Getty images to release free stock images.

It is brilliant satire.  Why? Because it takes something we have seen so often on company websites, annual reports, and PowerPoints, and makes light of them.  As they say, the best comedy is based in truth.

You know about stock photos, correct?  They are the photos taken of a group of people who are meant to represent everything right about a company.  From their expressions, apparel, posture, and environment, they represent…us.

But when someone like Vince Vaughan, and the other actors from the movie “Unfinished Business” place themselves in the same type of pictures, the result is entertaining, if not downright funny.  In effect, the pictures expose the man behind the curtain and spoofs reality to entertain us.

Here is an example:

Here is another:


And another:

I have no idea if the movie is any good yet, but the mock stock photos are really enjoyable.
The same enjoyable experience is happening with regard to battery monitoring.  Stay with me here.  I have a point.

Battery monitoring is being looked at in a new and different way.  Companies are realizing that what was once considered a daunting endeavor has now been exposed as not only a best practice, but also quite enjoyable.

Maybe only technicians and self-professed battery geeks know what I mean. After all, who really cares if battery monitoring is enjoyable?
Let’s face it, executives only care that the backup power works when needed.  Wait, they don’t even care about that.  What they really care about is that company assets are protected as promised, or the losses resulting from a total power failure.  When that happens, the experience for them, as well as anyone in their path, is certainly not enjoyable.

Heck, very few people may even know the company owns batteries.  And, they may not even care when they are told they didn’t work.  They only know who to blame when the power stayed off and the losses mounted.  And by losses, I mean the kind that you lose sleep over.  Yep, Executives blame, and perhaps rightly so, the person who is responsible for the power staying on.

Those people are responsible for:
•    Emergency power needs analysis
•    Battery monitor product comparison and analysis
•    Cost analysis
•    Budgeting and procurement
•    Monitor installation
•    Ongoing battery maintenance
•    Battery replacement
•    Meaningful and Actionable battery data

In other words, the people who keep the power on.  Because when the power stays on, it is very enjoyable.

BatteryDAQ has the expertise, experience, and solutions to make your professional life…enjoyable.  All you need to do is adjust the way your see things and figuratively draw back the curtain and expose your daunting problem for the relatively small, easily solved challenge that it really is.

In other words, don’t worry, be happy.