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Sentry-NB4T monitoring unit provides powerful functions for online state-of-health battery management for large scale remote telecom, traffic control cabinets or radio stations. The compact design makes it suitable for any size indoor/outdoor cabinet with 12V or 6V battery blocks. It combines superior data quality and flexible installation, for effective remote battery management that meets IEEE updated standards:

IEEE Std. 1188: Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Valve-Regulated Lead- Acid (VRLA) Batteries for Stationary Applications (IEEE Link)

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Main Features

Sentry-NB4T Datasheet (pdf)

Advanced FeatureDescription
Internal Resistance Precise (4-terminal principle) Internal Resistance measurement for each battery.
Can be displayed as Conductance/Admittance (setting on web page)
Temperature Points Ambient temperature
Battery temperature, 1 sensor for a string (recommended), or individual battery temperature
SOH Estimation Analyze battery data over time and display string’s State-of-Health percentage
SOC Estimation Calculate in realtime for State-of-Charge percentage
Runtime Calculate runtime and display remaining minutes
Discharge History Record Discharge/Deep Discharge event/counter
Thermal Runaway Thermal runaway risk evaluation and alarm output
[Alarm output can be connected to the charger for counter adjustments]
Active Balancing Active balancing for individual battery to extend battery service life.
Function can be turned ON/OFF remotely.
Modbus-TCP Standard Modbus-TCP for integration
Web Page Embedded web page
Remote access to battery data
Configure for different applications
Set/adjust alarm threshold 
Flexibility 18 to 72V voltage range.
Fit directly to 2x12V (24V), 3x12V (36V), 4x6V (24V), 4x12V(48V)
Battery Analyzer PC software to manage remote nodes and archive data to database
Large Scale Application A single MASTER-800 mini-server (sold separately) can efficiently manage up to 1,000 remote nodes. Data and report for all nodes can be accessed via web browser.
MyBattery Platform Compatible with secured MyBattery Platform™ for public cloud based remote monitoring. Technician can access battery data with phone or laptop.
SNMP Both Battery Analyzer software and MASTER-800 mini-Server support SNMP.
[Individual Node only provides Modbus-TCP]
Reliability Metal compact case, industrial grade for indoor and outdoor applications
Easy Installation Strong magnets and pre-made harness