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Sentry-24C Battery Monitor is designed for solar, hybrid or other cycling battery applications to ensure safety, improve power system performance and extend battery service life. Based on our 20+ years of battery monitoring experience, the accurate measurement and intelligent charging/discharging cycle analysis ensures real-time awareness of your battery heath and system safety, during every stage of green energy operation.

  BatteryDAQ Sentry Deep Cycle Battery Monitor
Confirm the Correct Monitoring for Solar/Hybrid System Consulting with BatteryDAQ specialist, at the earliest stage of research and design, will ensure success. While there are a plenty of battery monitors on the market, few will work properly, for industrial and telecom solar applications.
Prove of Concept Data, choose a system that performs reliable and seamless data acquisition to record cycling performance for evaluation of solar panel size/installation and battery type/capacity (and generator selection.)
Implement Trial Sites Remote real-time data from sites worldwide, with Ethernet or 3G/4G coverage. Receiving alerts by email/SMS.
Full Scale Implementation IP65 water proof casing for nonstop connection to wet batteries or VRLA. Easy to install and manage a large number of sites.
Long Term Maintenance Reliably identify deteriorated battery with “Deterioration Index” for each cell. Issue timely maintenance to get the most out of battery service life, while maintaining power system safety, efficiency and reliability.
  • Battery cell voltage monitoring
  • Current and temperature monitoring
  • Intelligent algorithm detects thermal runaway risk at its earliest stage
  • Risk alarms sent to inverter for counter adjustments
  • Alarm signal sent to site management input
  • Proprietary modeling of battery SOH
  • Real-time battery SOC calculation
  • Plug and play HMI for technician site visits
  • Modbus-RTU or Modbus-TCP for integration