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At BatteryDAQ, we design specific models for different industries and applications in order to support our customers best practice for battery maintenance and full scale monitoring implementation at low cost.

Please look into solutions for your job. Or browse all models comparison table.

Keep in mind, if you couldn’t find the right product for your application, we may design one for you without any development cost to you. That is our job and passion.

Telecom remains at the top of our core business. We are working with carriers, integrators, distributors and battery maintenance contractors to deliver our best solution worldwide. Clear ROI, effective and reliable, easy to implement, we are the #1 provider to any size carrier. Learn more
Utility NERC compliance is a complex job. We have accumulated rich experience and credits in power plants and substations with our accurate and reliable battery monitoring systems. We help to customize automatic NERC report for all your sites to reduce work load and eliminate human error. Learn more
UPS batteries in data centers and industrial plants need to be effectively monitored. New generation UPS may have implemented “advanced” battery management method but not at individual battery block level. Learn more
Other industries such as emergency lighting, traffic light, wind/solar energy and ESS (Energy Storage System) have been benefited with BatteryDAQ’s monitoring solutions to efficiently manage and maintain batteries. You may find our product everywhere even in research lab to collect data for next generation electric vehicle. Learn more