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Now you see it…NO YOU DON’T!

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Let’s get right to it.  The BatteryDAQ Sentry line of continuous State-of-Health (SOH) battery monitoring systems is unparalleled in:

  • Design
  • Flexibility
  • Performance
  • Investment/ROI

No other solution is even close.  That’s not to say every other system is bad.  There are several companies that manufacturer quality BMS, and we always appreciate competing with them.  Competition is a very good thing, both for the manufacturers and the Customer.

By the way, people sometimes question why I always capitalize the word “Customer”.  Although I am more than capable of grammar and syntax errors at any moment, it is no error.  Simply, there is nothing more important than those who implement our offerings to aid in their mission, in other words, our Customers.  Why not give them the respect they deserve, and remind ourselves of their esteemed place in our company vision?  Customer – They are why we exist, and why we keep improving.

But, I digress.  Last week, I was with our installing team at a remote telecom site, staying out of the way, while they installed two Sentry 0212S15 continuous monitors.  The work was completed in approximately 3 hours (2 systems, 40 batteries) and as we were preparing to move onto our next location, the Customer stopped by, and asked, “where is it?”.

Where is it? Exactly.  Don’t believe me?  Here is the “after” picture of the installed systems.

Where is it, you ask? Music to our ears.  This is no small accomplishment, because when most people familiar with BMS picture installed products in their minds, clutter and intrusiveness are usually prominently represented in the image.   But, the Sentry systems are barely visible.  Important Customer considerations go into BatteryDAQ solutions.   They include:

  • Safety
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of battery replacement
  • Clean look
  • Fits easily into compact spaces
  • Unobtrusive
  • Technician approval

Want to see what a Sentry actually looks like? Here it is:

Picture a cigar box, only smaller.

So, obviously, the BatteryDAQ Sentry monitoring systems fulfill the wishes of the Customer, when it comes to hardware and installation.  But, what about the data?  How will it be managed, especially for hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, heck, even one million sites?!

At BatteryDAQ, we know that the best hardware design is only one half of the equation.  In order for Customers to reap the best benefits from continuous SOH battery monitoring, the software platform must be capable of:

  • Managing from 1 to 1million sites
  • Being useful to all Customers, regardless of their individual battery knowledge
  • Being actionable
  • Going beyond battery health – positively impact overall operational inefficiencies
  • Being accessible from anywhere, at any time
  • Being customized for each Customer’s needs
  • Providing “At-A-Glance” updates on all sites, with the ability to perform a deep dive into individual sites, down to the cell level
  • Comparing Battery performance by environments, manufacturer, price, and other criteria

Above all else, Customers need to know they have a partner who will continue to understand, even anticipate, their needs, and be willing to work with them through implementation.

In short, we want to be your champion!  Give us a shout!

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