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Sentry battery monitors for 48V system with 12V batteries

Sentry series compact battery monitors combine superior data quality and flexible installation to address cell site applications. Compatible with Battery Analyzer software and MyBattery Platform™, Sentry monitors can be utilized for virtually every remote telecom application.

Sentry-S6 is specifically designed for -48V system with 12V blocks which is popular in cell sites. It provides RS232 and RS485 ports for integration.

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  • Onboard Battery State of Health (SOH and SOC) analysis.

  • Reliable Remaining Runtime prediction.

  • Compatible with MyBattery Platform™ for large scale deployment

  • Easy integration to existing site management software

  • Sentry-S6 provides onboard Ethernet for MyBattery Platform implementation.
  • Internal Resistance / Conductance online measurement for each block
  • Site configurable for 1 to 6 strings
  • Ethernet and Wireless M2M compatible, instant drop-in with no field configuration
  • Battery Analyzer and MyBattery Platform compatible
  • Affordable for large scale deployment

Key Features

Model Sentry-S6
Battery System Optimized for telecom 48V system with 12V batteries   

4x12V, up to 6 strings

(For 1 or 2 strings, please select Sentry-S2 or Sentry-NB8)

Power Supply Powered by battery bank BUS, not by individual battery
String Voltage Continuous monitoring with High/Low float charge voltage threshold and discharge Low setting
Current Compatible with closed core and split core CT for easy installation to multiple battery cables
Ambient/Pilot temperature 2 sensors (1 for ambient and 1 for pilot, or 2 locations for a battery bank)
Individual battery voltage Flexible interval to report data, high/low threshold for floating and discharge
Internal Resistance Wavelet technology to achieve unsurpassed IR precision.
Enclosure Compact aluminum, mounts on battery rack or on top on battery bank
Harness and installation Simplified wiring design for easy installation   

Pre-made/customized harness for quick installation enables large scale deployment

Portable touch screen for onsite validation

Battery discharge capture High resolution capture, no limit to time lapse, no limit to onboard memory size. Online access to discharge curve for every battery (with MyBattery Platform™)
Generator Monitoring Optional analog port for fuel monitoring
Optional digital ports for generator status
Network Instant drop-in, no field configuration.   

Ethernet compatible with static and dynamic IP.
Optional wireless GSM/CDMA, M2M technology
Certified with PTCRB, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Jasper and Rogers network

MyBattery Platform™ capacity Cloud based parallel computing   

No limit, validated with >10,000 sites

Integration Standard Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocols. Software provides SNMP integration and SMS, email alarm delivery.


Battery System 48V battery system (36 ~ 60V range)   

4x12V per string, up to 6 strings in one DC system

Power Supply Internal power converter. Maximum Consumption: 6W
Isolation [email protected] to battery string
Current Sensor Support  LEM current sensor with internal +/-12V power supply   

CT options:

CT-Y5-300, split core, 300A, window size 16mmx64mm

CT-HTA-300, close core, 300A, window size D-32mm

Accuracy 0.1% + sensor accuracy
Temperature Sensors 1 ambient temperature sensor, 1 pilot temperature sensor
Temperature Range Measurement range: -40 to 65ºC, 1 ºC accuracy
Bus Voltage Range: 0 – 30V; Accuracy: 0.1%
Input Range to Each Channel +/- 16V for 12V batteries
Accuracy 0.1%
Internal Resistance/Conductance 0 to 30mΩ, 0.01 mΩ resolution
1-wire mode Total value of Internal Resistance + Connection Resistance.
Serial Port Isolated RS-232C and RS-485 interface
Protocol and Serial Settings MODBUS RTU, 9600-8-1-None
Modbus address 1 to 28, configurable with HMI
Ethernet Onboard Ethernet LAN connection to Battery Analyzer or MyBattery Platform
SNMP, Modbus TCP, email/SMS message, hyperlink to real-time data
Wireless Option GSM/GPRS (PTCRB, AT&T, T-Mobile, Jasper, and Rogers Network certified)
LED indication
  • Dual-color LEDs for status
  • Orange LED for service alarm
  • Red LED for urgent alarm
Alarm Outputs Service Alarm (Normal Close, Voltage-free, 60V 0.1A capacity)   

Urgent Alarm (Normal Close, Voltage-free, 60V 0.1A capacity)

Dimension 165W*31H*165L(mm) (Mounting bracket excluded)
Mounting Magnetic cup (default), DIN rail or customized bracket

*Specifications subject to change without notice

MyBattery Platform subscription is optional. Contact us for subscription fee.

Sentry-S6 Datasheet (pdf)