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Sentry-2402 Telecom Battery Monitoring System

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High precision for 48V systems with 24 x 2V VRLAB

Sentry-2402 is a powerful battery monitoring system for Telecom -48V system with 2V cells up to 3,000Ah capacity. This compact battery unit combines superior data quality and flexible installation to address most cell site, central office and substation applications for effective remote battery management according to the IEEE updated standards:

IEEE Std. 1188 – 2005: Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Valve-Regulated Lead- Acid (VRLA) Batteries for Stationary Applications (IEEE Link)

IEEE Std. 450 – 2010: Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Vented Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications (IEEE Link)

Main Features

  • Super precise IR (Internal Resistance / Conductance) measurement for each cell
  • Discriminate inter-cell resistance measurement
  • 16-bit high resolution data acquisition
  • No mechanical relays, resulting high reliability for telecom applications
  • Industry standard Modbus/RTU communication for high reliability and quick integration
  • Compact design allows for easy installation on the top or inside of the battery cabinet.
  • Industrial grade reliable connections
  • Plug and play HMI panel (optional)
  • Full support to networking battery management system
  • Compatible with MyBattery Platform™ for web based remote monitoring.
  • Ambient and Pilot Battery Temperature Monitoring


Power Supply
Power Input Internal DC/DC converter, 36-60V input; Maximum Consumption: 10W
Isolation [email protected] to battery string
Current/Temperature Measurement
Current Sensor


Support  LEM HAS current sensor with internal +/-12V power supply

(Default range +/- 400A, window size 20mmx10mm)

Accuracy 0.1% + sensor accuracy
Integrated Current Measurement 0.1A resolution (Field calibration is required.)
Temperature Sensors 1 ambient temperature sensor, 1 pilot temperature sensor
Range Measurement range: -40 to 65⁰C
Accuracy 1 ⁰C
Voltage Measurement
Battery 24 x2V cell, up to 3,000Ah
Bus Voltage Range: 36 – 60V; Accuracy: 0.1%
Input Range to Each Channel +/- 3V for 2V batteries
Accuracy 0.1%
Input Wiring 2-wire differential input for each battery
Internal Resistance
Range and Resolution 0 to 3mΩ, 0.001 mΩ resolution
2-wire mode Internal Resistance and discriminate Connection Resistance.
Serial Port Isolated RS-232C and RS-485 interface
Protocol and Serial Settings MODBUS RTU, 9600-8-1-None
Modbus address 1 to 28, configurable with HMI
Ethernet Onboard Ethernet DTU to MyBattery Platform
Indication and Alarm
LED indication
  • Dual-color LEDs for status
  • Orange LED for service alarm
  • Red LED for urgent alarm
Alarm Outputs Service Alarm (Normal Close, 0.1A capacity)

Urgent Alarm (Normal Close, 0.1A capacity)

*Specifications subject to change without notice

Sentry-2402 Datasheet (pdf)