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Battery Monitoring System Online Manuals

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# Product Description Manual Link
1NB4 2x12V, 4x6V or 4x12V, 1 string NB4 Manual
2NB4T 2x12V, 3x12V, 4x6V, 4x12V, 1 string
Active balancing
NB4T Manual
3NB8 2x12V, 4x6V, 8x6V or 4x12V, 1 or 2 strings NB8 Manual
4Sentry-S6 4x12V, 1 to 6 strings Sentry-S6 Manual
5Sentry-15 2x12V, 1 to 15 strings Sentry-S15 Manual
6Sentry-1202 12x2V Sentry-1202 Manual
7Sentry-2402 24x2V Sentry-2402 Manual
8Sentry-1012 10x12V, 1 or 2 strings
(low capacity, < 50Ah)
Sentry-1012 Manual
9Sentry-2412 24x12V (10 to 24 batteries)
120V/240V multi-cell NiCad
Sentry-2412 Manual
10Sentry-4412HV 40x12V (25 to 44 batteries)
Sentry-4412HV Manual
11Sentry-30EX 30x2V per unit
Explosion proof enclosure
Sentry-30EX Manual
12Sentry-6002NEMA 60x2V per unit 6002NEMA Manual
13Sentry-6002NiCad 100 x 1.2V NiCad 6002NiCad Manual
14Sentry-24C Solar 12x2V or 24x2V Sentry-24C Manual
15Sentry-25C Energy Storage 25x12V Sentry-25C Manual
16GF100 Ground fault detector GF100 Manual
17Sentry-FT Thermal runaway detection
24/48V Telecom
Sentry-FT Manual
18Sentry-FTHV Thermal runaway detection
100 to 600V UPS
Sentry-FTHV Manual
19Battery Analyzer PC software with database Battery Analyzer Manual
20Master-800 mini-server for max 1,000 Sentry units Master-800 Manual

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