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Innovation is what happens when battery monitoring experience and expertise combine

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When data center managers, UPS manufacturers, and third party battery maintenance providers find out that BatteryDAQ provides comprehensive battery monitoring systems that cost a fraction of the battery string, and considerably less than our competitors, the next question they ask is regarding our installations.

This video highlights one of the hundreds of data centers throughout the world that rely on BatteryDAQ’s proven battery monitoring technology to ensure that their DC power systems will perform as designed, when called upon. The reality is, battery racks allow little or no room for a BMS unit.   In fact, we always strongly recommend an early phase detailed discussion with the data center designer, to ensure a perfect installation.

But, to better solve for the rack space problem, we drew upon our twenty plus years of providing battery monitoring systems for the data center industry and created our 3rd generation Sentry monitors, designed specifically for medium or large capacity UPS systems, utilizing 12V battery strings.  Our monitors got smaller, yet stayed rugged and amazingly accurate

The Sentry 2412 and Sentry 4412HV incorporate the same digital wavelet technology as previous models. However, technological advances now allow us to offer a more compact system that removes all budgetary obstacles associated with traditional monitors.

The Sentry series changes the concept of battery monitoring from a luxury to a necessity.