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This Method of Procedure (MOP) has been created for the installation of a Battery Management System (BMS) in power plants and substations, utilizing the BatteryDAQ Sentry-6002NEMA (125/250VDC) and Sentry-2402NEMA (-48VDC) devices.

The installation should be performed by qualified service personnel who are knowledgeable about batteries and the necessary precautions that should be taken.

Safety Cautions

  1. Please take BatteryDAQ’s in-class, on-site or remote training.
  2. Please prepare and follow “Safe Work Plan – Electrical & Arc Flash Hazard Mitigation” guideline for specific site and battery.
    [Safe Work Plan shall be available with this MOP before installation starts.]
  3. Other client site requirements

Part#1 – Mounting and Wiring

Sentry-6002 measurement unit connects to battery posts, 3 temperature probes and current transducer via 12 multi-conductor (12C) cables. Please read this panel carefully to understand the name and purpose for each pin.

Choose the best and secure location to mount the NEMA box, so the cable length can be evenly spaced.

Part#2 – Setting and Verification


Part#3 – SCADA and Dashboard



Part#4 – NERC Report

NERC Report

Part#5 – Load Test

Load test

Load test details

Part#6 – Data-driven Battery Services

Data and Alarm

Download Word and Pdf Files

Document NameWord Versionpdf Version
MOP Part#1 – Mounting and WiringPart#1 (.docx)Part#1 (.pdf)
MOP Part#2 – Setting and VerificationPart#2 (.docx)Part#2 (.pdf)
MOP Part#3 – SCADA and DashboardPart#3 (.docx)Part#3 (.pdf)
MOP Part#4 – NERC ReportPart#4 (.docx)Part#4 (.pdf)
MOP Part#5 – Load TestPart#5 load-test
MOP Part#6 – Data-driven Battery ServicesPart#6 (.docx)Part#6 (.pdf)
Sentry-6002NEMA Connection Schematics (High Resolution)Schematics (.pdf)
[Please contact tech support to obtain those documents not available online.]