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Gallery for Sentry products and installations

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  • Compact Sentry

Sentry NB4 compact battery monitor for Telecom cabinets

Sentry-S2 compact battery monitor with RS232/485 integration ports

Sentry NB8 Compact Battery Monitor

Sentry-S6 telecom battery monitoring system for 48V with 4x12V, up to 6 strings per unit.

Sentry-S15 telecom battery monitoring system for 24V with 2x12V, up to 15 strings per unit.

Sentry-1202 telecom battery monitoring for 24V with 12x2V high capacity cells

Sentry-2402 telecom battery monitoring for 48V with 24x2V high capacity cells

Sentry-1012 for 120VDC with 10x12V or 20x6V batteries

Sentry-2412 for medium size UPS with up to 24x12V batteries

Sentry-4412HV UPS Battery Monitoring System


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