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Gallery for Sentry products and installations

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Sentry NB4 compact battery monitor for Telecom cabinets

Sentry-S2 compact battery monitor with RS232/485 integration ports

Sentry NB8 Compact Battery Monitor

Sentry-S6 telecom battery monitoring system for 48V with 4x12V, up to 6 strings per unit.

Sentry-S15 telecom battery monitoring system for 24V with 2x12V, up to 15 strings per unit.

Sentry-1202 telecom battery monitoring for 24V with 12x2V high capacity cells

Sentry-2402 telecom battery monitoring for 48V with 24x2V high capacity cells

Sentry-1012 for 120VDC with 10x12V or 20x6V batteries

Sentry-2412 for medium size UPS with up to 24x12V batteries

Sentry-4412HV UPS Battery Monitoring System


HMI Touch Screen

Sentry-6002NEMA for power plants and substations with 60x2V vented or VRLA batteries.

Powerful battery monitoring data and alarm management software

Large scale battery monitoring data platform

Compact Sentry units for cell sites battery monitoring

Power plants and substations

Sentry compact monitors can be easily installed or retrofitted to most battery cabinets and racks.