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BatteryDAQ Company Overview

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BatteryDAQ™ stands for “Battery Data Acquisition” and we are a global leader in battery monitoring systems. With our Sentry series battery monitoring hardware, Battery Analyzer software, web based dashboard and MyBattery Platform™, BatteryDAQ™ uniquely delivers a best-in-class solution that enables customers to effectively manage an unlimited number of sites and batteries, and preemptively act on user-friendly information. With cost-effective products and scalable implementation support, BatteryDAQ™ is the strategic technology partner that is trusted by businesses around the world.

The Challenge: Affordably Ensuring Reliable Battery Backup

Power failures, even in just a “blink of an eye”, have never been so costly to digital consumers. Battery backup is designed to ensure continuity; but, only if it performs as designed. The increasing number of sites, the loss of experienced battery technicians, the mixed-manufacturer battery quality, and the cost for blind site visits is now overwhelming traditional battery maintenance management. All the while, today’s “always-on” customers are demanding reliable, continuous power.

Remote battery monitoring is an urgent need for telecom and utility industries because old-fashioned manual tests and visual inspections are costly, unreliable, and ultimately inadequate. Choosing the wrong vendor wastes time and money, and will create more problems, such as false alarms and mismanaged maintenance for the monitoring equipment itself. Therefore, full scale implementation will never be done due to complaints emanating from service managers and technicians.

Solve the challenge with BatteryDAQ’s comprehensive solution

With 20+ years of dedication to the battery industry, the people of BatteryDAQ™ understand why and how batteries fail. BatteryDAQ™ engineers build each model based on their field experience of deploying numerous battery monitors, within a wide variety of industries. BatteryDAQ™ software has evolved alongside parallel computing and cloud architecture to handle any number of sites.

Why BatteryDAQ™?

BatteryDAQ provides time-proven, IEEE recommended internal resistance/impedance battery health monitoring at an affordable investment point, so you can implement it to all of your sites. In many cases, costs savings can be realized in short term.

Sentry Series product are designed and made in USA with dependable quality for long term operation in harsh indoor/outdoor environment. ISO-9001 production and UL certified. Each model has been optimized for its application and installation efficiency. 15+ models provide full coverage for telecom sites, power plants/substations, UPS/EPS, and solar/wind energy storage applications.

Battery Analyzer software can manage hundreds of battery strings with user-friendly data and color graphs, from anywhere with PC, server, or internet access. It allows for the quick identification of weak batteries, or connections, so technicians can act in a timely manner, before failure occurs.

Our latest web based dashboard (Master-800) brings data and alarm management into a new level for secured enterprise/private network. Users/team can easily manage hundreds of remote sites/installations without installing any software on computer or mobile devices. 

The revolutionary MyBattery Platform™ software is many years ahead of competitive offerings. Users can efficiently manage thousands of sites/substations with automatic rankings to prioritize meaningful maintenance visits. MyBattery Platform™ can act as a stand-alone platform, or can be easily integrated into any existing internal management software. High level real-time reporting and visualization enables unparalleled preparation analysis, budgetary planning, battery manufacturer comparisons, and warranty negotiations.

The BatteryDAQ™ comprehensive battery monitoring solution is uniquely suited to completely remove the pain from business as usual operations and remake ongoing battery maintenance into a cost saving and enjoyable practice.