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Achieve high accuracy with correct installation

The rule is simple as Four-Terminal sensing (4T Sensing): to separate current-carrying path and voltage sensing probing.

For Sentry battery monitor installation, keep in mind that the sensing O-rings have to be in close contact with connection bar without any washer in between. (O-ring shall not be placed between connection bar and battery post. That will compromise battery bank connectivity).

Stainless steel bolt and washer have high resistance. If installed as “RED”, battery#1, #6/#7 and #12 will have wrong measurement, which will lead to wrong battery health “SOH” estimation and trigger alarms.

Enjoy your fine work!

Wrong battery numbering has to be corrected

When come to substation for BMS installation, the most frequent frustration is to correct the numbering.

We have to go with standard. Wrong direction, wrong data.

Don’t worry, Sentry-6002NEMA has protection built in so the wrong direction won’t burn the board but you have to re-label all batteries as correct numbering and re-wire all cables. That may take you full day for a 60x2V string. So do check it before you start a installation!!!

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Access Battery Monitoring Data with Smartphone

Using BatteryDAQ’s cloud, scan a 2D barcode on Sentry monitor or battery rack, and your smartphone will show real-time battery data and graphs.  Bank voltage, current, temperature, individual battery voltage and internal resistance etc. (SOH%, SOC% and Runtime minutes for Telecom models) are all available.

Watch your hybrid solar power

With BatteryDAQ cloud data service (FREE, if < 100 sites), you can watch your solar power remotely from anywhere with internet. This screenshot shows battery history querying for a telecom site in Arizona desert with solar panel and diesel generator. Nice batteries. 3 years of cycling now. All data can be archived in your computer if you leave Battery Analyzer software running continuously. Once a while, you may pull out data for an in-depth analysis. Don’t like our simple graph design? Just right click, dump data to Excel and plot your own beauty.

Simple, but it has a brain

Sentry-NB8 has been chosen for many telecom carriers worldwide including recent order of 100 units from South Africa.

This unit has been tailored to cell towers or micro sites with 8 batteries, 2 strings of 4x12V. Separate harness goes to each string for quick and clean installation. Unit automatically accepts 1 or 2 current transducers so no surprise when come to a site for retrofitting.

It is more than a data collector for voltage, current, temperature and internal resistance. It faithfully processes the data and even with machine learning to achieve high accuracy estimation for SOH (state-of-health), SOC (state-of-charge), total runtime and remaining runtime, plus thermal risk level. Ethernet port provides remote web access to battery data and Modbus-TCP integration. Plug and play, compatible with MyBattery Platform to manage unlimited number of sites. (Really, 100,000+ sites on your big screen.)

Two dry contacts for urgent and service alarms. No more extra ports or functions. It is simple.