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The Case for Remote Battery Monitoring

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The world needs the power to stay on.  More now than ever, and more in the coming days than now.  We are so dependent on electronic communication, that a single occurrence of downtime renders us all but helpless.  It also makes us angry.

The power must stay on.  It is one of the things we take most for granted.  When we flip the switch, we demand products to work, be they light bulbs, microwaves, or cell phones.  “But wait”, says Joe and Nancy Consumer, “cell phones run on battery power, silly. That must be a misprint.”

Perhaps the most important objective of a telecom carrier is for the general public to never come to face to face with a lack of wireless connectivity.  When the bars go away, the public gets angry.

So, carriers commit plenty of money to protect their power, and batteries play a leading role.  Carriers purchase an incredible number of batteries and place them remote towers, for one purpose; keep the power on if the grid goes down.

But, alas, the legions of batteries deployed to protect against an unpredictable foe just sit there, rarely getting checked for health.  And, while they sit there, they deteriorate.  No one is looking for warning signs like voltage, temperature, and internal resistance measurements.  In fact, in many cases, they may never even be seen again, until they are changed out…or fail.

But, the thing is, it really isn’t the carriers fault.  If they spent the money necessary to monitor battery health at tens of thousands of cell towers and who knows how many cabinets, our cell bills would be enormous.  Carriers do what they can to protect power, while staying rate competitive.

If providers could solve the problem of affordably implementing comprehensive remote battery monitoring, and effectively managing hundreds of thousands of sites across the globe, they would.  Well, now…they are and they will.

The case for remote site battery monitoring has been made.  To learn why and how, click on this video link, or the video mage below.  After watching, visit our website,, give us a call, or email me directly at [email protected], to discuss in more detail.

As the hotel announcer on the radio says, “We’ll leave the light on for you.”