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BatteryDAQ Sentry Monitors – the Cure for what Ails Remote Sites

By August 25th, 2022No Comments
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So, what’s the problem with Remote battery monitoring?  Well, today, the answer is “not a thing!”  However, historically there were several very real obstacles to implementing continuous battery monitoring at remote telecom sites.

Here is the punch line for this blog: BatteryDAQ Sentry monitors render all of those obstacles obsolete!  That is correct, all of the reasons for not deploying 24/7 comprehensive battery monitoring at remote telecom sites are no longer valid.

Not convinced?  As Bruno Mars sings, “Don’t believe me, just watch!”

What you are looking at is a BatteryDAQ Sentry monitoring a 30x12V shelter configuration.  This is a finished, fully-installed remote monitoring solution.  If it wasn’t for the Sentry on the side of the rack, most people wouldn’t even notice the wiring.  Minimal wiring is indeed one of the obstacles that no longer exist.

“But, wait just a second!  Not every telecom rack looks like that!”  Sure enough, there are many rack/cabinet varieties out there.  While BatteryDAQ didn’t create that obstacle, we solved for it.  Want to see it?  Here it is…

Can you find the Sentry battery monitor in this picture?  Again, this small outdoor cabinet contains a fully-installed continuous battery monitor.  Its presence may only be given away by the blue network cabling on top of the 4x12V string of batteries.  There it is, the very compact, robustly built, black monitor directly centered above the battery string.

All in all, Sentry monitors are installed on 3 different racks/cabinets at both indoor and outdoor sites.  And by the way, a team of two customer technicians installed six units in a single day, including a sit down lunch (down goes another obstacle).

While we are on technicians, BatteryDAQ Sentry monitors were specifically designed with them in mind.  Technicians heartily approve of the Sentry for ease of installation, real-time analysis, as well as ease of replacement (by battery, or by string).  Additionally, touching batteries only when necessary is far safer, and saves a heck of a lot of time.  Time that they shared can be used for many, many, many other of their core responsibilities.  Technicians embrace this solution.

What other obstacles does the BatteryDAQ Sentry solution remove?  The very real, very important issue of meaningful, actionable data.  All of the tremendous strides with hardware mean nothing if the very reason for implementation falls flat.  Meaningful, actionable data is at the core of the BatteryDAQ solution.  Sentry monitors measure and internally analyze several pieces integral battery data, including voltage, temperature, and internal resistance.  From there, the state-of health analysis is forwarded to any software platform the customer chooses.  BatteryDAQ has its own software platform that easily manages from 1 to 1 million sites. However, if the customer chooses to work with its own internal platform, or through a third party, BatteryDAQ will integrate seamlessly. From there, the information can be trended, and formatted in every desired (or battery manufacturer requested) way.

Truly, the use for the data will begin with battery SOH, but will also be invaluable for strategic day to day and event planning, as well as warranty, performance, and budgeting.

MyBattery Data Platform-measurement.png

Let’s do a quick review.  BatteryDAQ Sentry monitors eliminate historic obstacles in the following ways:

  • ·         Compact, yet robust, design
  • ·         Proven technology
  • ·         Ease of installation
  • ·         Minimal wiring
  • ·         Highly accurate voltage, temperature, and internal resistance measurements
  • ·         SOH and SOC calculation
  • ·         Technician-friendly
  • ·         Easily managed and understood actionable data for 1 to 1 million sites
  • ·         Formatted and custom reporting

What other obstacle needs to be overcome?  I mean, a carrier would pay anything for a solution that offers all this, right?  Right?


Well, then let’s eliminate that concern, too.  Depending on the number of cabinets and the string configurations, the total investment for BatteryDAQ’s remote monitoring solution will range from “GREAT!” to “EVEN BETTER!”

On a serious note, while working with many of the world’s largest (as well as regional) carriers, the research to implement BatteryDAQ’s solution has never been deterred by cost.  Actually, the investment analysis and return on investment has always been one of the most pleasant discoveries, when the numbers are evaluated.

I will end with this message: BatteryDAQ was built for exactly this opportunity and everything we do revolves around what is best for the carriers.  The reaction to our solution is exceptional because the remote monitoring market is where we aimed.

We would like to present a solution for your needs.  Please visit our website at, or contact me directly at[email protected].

Tom Shannon

Author Tom Shannon

Tom Shannon is the Director of Business Development at BatteryDAQ, LLC and has enjoyed success in both entrepreneurial and fortune 20 corporate settings. His expertise lies in establishing and nurturing business relationships. Tom has worked with some of the world's largest institutions in implementing strategies that solved for operational inefficiencies and maximized customer satisfaction and return on investment.

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