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(Updated on 8/3/2023)

Four Key Things:

  • Make sure the instance name is “SQLEXPRESS” when install database.
  • Add users while installing SQL server express. (It is VERY difficult to add user after installation. If you are not a user for SQL, you cannot use the database. In that case, Analyzer cannot store any data to database even you run it as administrator.)
  • To install Battery Analyzer software, right click “BatteryAnalyzerSetup.exe”, run as administrator.
  • Manually create database

Nothing BatteryDAQ can help if you don’t have administrator access to that computer. All installation effort is wasteful if you don’t have an administrator account.

Devices (Sentry units) configuration is not saved in Database. It is a XML file named as “EquipmentConfigForClient.xml” in C:\BatteryDAQ\Analyzer folder.

For initial installation, please copy above XML file from installation CD to that folder. 

For re-installation on the same computer, the previous XML file will stay in that folder so no need to re-configure after uninstall/install process. 

For installation on a new computer, just copy the XML file from other computer with correct/validated configuration.

Contents in BatteryDAQ CD:

Run setup.exe as administrator, input license code.

Analyzer Software will be the folder C:\BatteryDAQ\Analyzer\.

Copy XML files under C:\BatteryDAQ folder. Save it to other place.

Copy overwrite after re-installation of Battery Analyzer software.

Install Battery Analyzer software, right click “BatteryAnalyzerSetup.exe”, run as administrator.

If you don’t run as administrator, the database cannot be created. You will see the message.

After installation, go to menu “Operation” to Add baseline. If you see any error, that says the database is not correct. You may need to uninstall all and do it again.

When it is messed up and database couldn’t be created even after reinstall SQLServer. Go to the folder to delete:

Reinstall by Run “BatteryAnalyzerSetp.exe” as administrator. You shall not see any error when create database tables.

Remember to copy “EquipmentConfigForClient.xml” to start with. In order to make change to configuration, you will also need to go C:\BatteryDAQ\Analyzer to right click “Battery Analyzer.exe” to “run as administrator”. For normal start, click quick link icon on desktop will work.

Manually Create Database

Due to too many changes to Microsoft Windows software, we must manually create database for a new installation.

  1. Finish SQL Express installation without error
  2. Finish Analyzer software installation
  3. With file explorer, go to C:\BatteryDAQ\Analyzer folder
  4. Find “CreateDatabase.bat”, double click, Y(Yes) to create database. It show create “master” and “BatteryMonitoringSystem” database with multiple rows affected, no error.
  5. In case any error, try cmd.
  6. Press ⊞ Win+S. This opens the Windows search bar.
  7. Type cmd. A list of results will appear.
  8. Right-click Command Prompt. It’s the option with a black terminal window icon.
  9. Click Run as administrator.
  10. cd.. cd.. to back to root. Then cd BatteryDAQ\Analyzer folder.
  11. type and run CreateDatabase.bat
  12. Make sure no error.


If you still have trouble, install TeamViewer on this computer and contact BatteryDAQ for remote troubleshooting.