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Battery Monitoring Knowledge

  • What is battery monitoring?
  • My current rectifier vendor says they do battery monitoring. Why do I need more?
  • If I get voltage readings, is that enough information to monitor my batteries?
  • Why do I need to monitor my batteries when they are under warranty?
  • Is it necessary to measure individual cell temperature?
  • Is battery monitoring cost prohibitive?
  • Does your system meet IEEE battery monitoring standards?
  • What system is best for my application?
  • Are modules the best method to monitor batteries?
  • What should I expect from a battery monitoring system?
  • Are there any other advantages to monitoring besides state-of-health?
  • Who receives the data?
  • How do I handle all the data?
  • I have a lot of sites. Isn’t that too much to manage?
  • I looked at battery monitoring years ago. What has changed?
  • I have several field configurations. Do you have a product to cover all of them?
  • Why does BatteryDAQ offer so many products?
  • Will BatteryDAQ monitoring systems detect thermal runaway?

Hardware and Installation

  • How hard are the monitors to install?


  • Install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express