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Sentry-30EX comes with explosion-proof enclosure for installaion in battery room

Sentry-30EX is an exceptional battery monitoring system with an explosion-proof enclosure for battery rooms with vented(flooded), or valve regulated lead acid batteries. Its design and precision are inherited from our field proven BM6500(1996), BM6800(2007) and Sentry-6002NEMA models, and provides effective remote battery management according to the IEEE and NERC updated standards:

IEEE Std. 1188 - 2005: Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Valve-Regulated Lead- Acid (VRLA) Batteries for Stationary Applications (IEEE Link)

IEEE Std. 450 - 2010: Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Vented Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications (IEEE Link)

NERC Standard PRC-005-2

Main Features

  • Ultra-precision IR (Internal Resistance) measurement for each cell detects electrolyte level low, dry-out and deterioration/capacity loss long before a problem occurs.
  • Discriminate inter-cell connection resistance to ensure proper torque to each battery and identify a continuity/connection problem without a discharge.
  • Ambient and multi-point pilot battery temperature monitoring.
  • Explosion proof and IP65 (NEMA4) grade protection allows unit(s) to be located inside the battery room. Compact design for easy rack or wall mounting.
  • Automatic discharge capture to database to record planned load test and unplanned power outage.
  • No mechanical scanning relays, resulting in high reliability.
  • Press & play button allows HMI (optional) connection for field service without a computer.
  • Ethernet DTU provides web pages with battery data and Modbus-TCP.
  • Full support to SNMP networking battery management system.
  • Compatible with Battery Analyzer software and MyBattery Platform™ for large scale remote monitoring.
  • Standard or customized NERC Excel template with “auto-fill” remote battery data to generate report.

Sentry-30EX Kit

Each battery room will need one DTU and multiple units of Sentry-30EX.

Bus Voltage





Battery Configuration

24 x 2V

60 x 2V

120 x 2V

240 x 2V

Number of Sentry-30EX Kit

1 unit

2 units

4 units

8 units

Example: a substation with 2 banks of 120V battery and 1 bank of 48V battery will need 5 Sentry-30EX units and 1 DTU.

 Sentry EXs-432-120-90-80-c

Each Sentry-30EX kit includes:

  1. Sentry-30EX unit with wireless or RS485 x 1
  2. 20ft of pre-made 12-conductor cable cable x 6
  3. Current sensor cable with ambient Tsensor x 1
  4. Pilot Temperature sensor x 2
  5. O-ring 500mA fused leads x 60
  6. O-ring 10A fused leads x 4
  7. Current transducer (size and number depending on battery connection and current range. One bank may need multiple CTs.)

System includes:

  1. Ethernet DTU unit with wireless or RS485 and AC adapter
  2. Battery Analyzer software


Sentry-30EX Datasheet

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