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A complete product line designed for UPS applications ranging from a small office to the largest data center

:: Large UPS system  -- Typical example: 240 x 2V, 4 strings per site (Sentry-6002NEMA)
We provide the most cost effective and reliable large scale battery monitoring systems for high capacity UPS that is utilized in data centers. The NEMA Sentry is designed for applications which require the system to be installed in a NEMA4/IP65 enclosure.

:: Medium size UPS -- Typical example: 20 to 40 x 12V (Sentry 4012HV or 2412)
The thousands of monitors currently in service is a testament to our systems accuracy and reliability, including UPS with high ripple current. Data can be accessed within a network with our Battery Analyzer software and/or the cloud based solution we provide via our MyBattery platform. This allows the customer the ability to strategically protect their investment and proactively manage their maintenance costs.

:: Small UPS -- Typical example: 2 x 4 x 12V (Sentry 0412S2 or Sentry NB)
Small UPS play a vital role in most offices but due to cost justification often lack reliable monitoring. "When should we replace our batteries?" Our compact and affordable monitor and cloud based MyBattery platform provide a cost effective solution to ensure the integrity of your office UPS.

Battery DC

Battery Configuration

BatteryDAQ Model/Link



4x12V, 1 or 2 strings


Small UPS with external battery cabinet

328V (288V)



Can be set for 5 to 24 blocks (specify battery number when order)

540V (480V)



Can be set for 32 to 40 blocks

540V (480V)



4 units (4x60=240) for one string


We have thousands of installations around the world for the past 20 years.

Photos are for reference only. Product may have evolved/been redesigned for easier installation and operation. Please refer to latest datasheet and manual for your product. Installation and wiring jobs were done by our technicians or 3rd party's. Use your own standard to evaluate them and think about a better way.

Installation Photos