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Sentry-0412S6 Battery Monitor

Sentry battery monitors for 48V system with 12V batteries

Sentry series compact battery monitors combine superior data quality and flexible installation to address cell site applications. Compatible with Battery Analyzer software and MyBattery Platform™, Sentry monitors can be utilized for virtually every remote telecom application.

Sentry 0412S6 is specifically designed for -48V system with 12V blocks which is popular in cell sites. It provides RS232 and RS485 ports for integration.

  • Onboard Battery State of Health (SOH and SOC) analysis.

  • Reliable Remaining Runtime prediction.

  • Compatible with MyBattery Platform™ for large scale deployment

  • Easy integration to existing site management software

  • Sentry-0412S6 provides onboard Ethernet for MyBattery Platform implementation.
  • Internal Resistance / Conductance online measurement for each block
  • Site configurable for 1 to 6 strings
  • Ethernet and Wireless M2M compatible, instant drop-in with no field configuration
  • Battery Analyzer and MyBattery Platform compatible
  • Affordable for large scale deployment


Sentry-0412S6 Datasheet

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Sentry-0412S6 Battery Monitor



1.      Each Sentry-0412S6 monitors 1 to 6 string of 4x12V.
Each unit comes with 2 temperature sensors for ambient and pilot temperature.

2.      Sentry-0412S6 comes with serial ports RS232 and RS485.If an external wireless DTU is selected, an activated SIM card (GSM) is needed.

3.       Order O-ring leads, specify 6mm (1/4"), 8mm (5/16") or 10mm (3/8").

4.       Order current sensor if needed. Default window size: 15mmx20mm, close loop 300A (peak current 600A). Other size/range and split-core sensor may have longer lead time.

5.       A HMI touch display is recommended for field service.


Battery Analyzer Software license comes with hardware order.

MyBattery Platform subscription is optional. Contact us for subscription fee.