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Emergency Lighting


Traffic Control Cabinet


Cruise Ships


Solar and Wind




Emergency Lighting Inverter Systems

We provide easy to install, cost-effective battery monitors to the emergency lighting market.

Emergency Lighting 200   
  • Early identification of battery failure

  • Thermal runaway detection and prevention

  • Emergency discharge performance monitoring and reporting

  • Remote access battery data for any installation via the internet connection

  • Easy integration to building management



DC Voltage

Battery Configurations

Monitor Models

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2 x 12V

4 x 12V





Sentry NB4 200








6 x 12V


8 x 12V


10 x 12V

20 x 6V




Sentry 1012S2 200









12 x 12V


20 x 12V




Sentry 2412 200


Traffic Control Cabinets

Batteries are utilized inside intersection traffic control cabinets to maintain continuous operation after the loss of AC commercial power. One deteriorated battery in a string of 4x12V can cause the total failure of a traffic signal and lead to a serious accident. Due to the extreme outdoor environment, battery service life is much shorter and thermal runaway remains a major concern.  

BatteryDAQ provides effective products to monitor battery conditions.

Traffic control 200   
  • Early identification of battery failure for preventative maintenance

  • Thermal runaway detection and prevention

  • Robust design for outdoor environment

  • Easy integration to existing alarm system



Cruise Ships

There are several hundred to thousands of batteries within a cruise ship. Manual inspection for key paramaters such as ohmic measurement of each battery is time consuming and many times impossible due to limited access to the battery posts. Most maintenance programs just replace the batteries at a fixed intervals or deal with the consequences of a power failure. Knowing which battery needs to be replaced and scheduling targeted preventative maintenance is a huge cost-savings and increases safety and power quality.

cruise ship 200  
  • Early identification of battery failure

  • Thermal runaway detection and prevention

  • Easy to install & Easy to use

  • Centralized battery monitoring

  • Data sharing with mainland maintenance staff

We provide a full line of product to cover all different battery configurations. Click for an example.    

Solar and wind

Wind farm 200  

We have participated in many large scale solar/wind power projects. Battery management is crucial for a safe operation and to maximize battery service life. We provide cost-effective battery monitoring solutions for small to large systems. Easy to install and maintain. Easy integration to a control system.

We also provide solution to monitor batteries inside wind turbines.

Contact us for a proposal.

BatteryDAQ monitors for home solar application can be purchased from any of our distributors or your solar panel vendor.
Two popular models: Sentry-0412S6 for 48V with 4x12V multiple strings and Sentry-2402E for 48V with 24x2V.
Please check with our distributor or your solar panel vendor.


Contact us for other applications. BatteryDAQ can provide a customized design to meet your needs.

“Making battery maintenance efficient, affordable, and enjoyable is our job.”

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