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This blog focuses on battery monitoring best practices and performance improvements.

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Recent blog posts
BatteryDAQ Sentry Monitors – the Cure for what Ails Remote Telecom Battery Monitoring

So, what’s the problem with Remote battery monitoring?  Well, today, the answer is “not a thing!”  However, historically there were several very real obstacles to implementing continuous battery monitoring at remote telecom sites. 

Here is the punch line for this blog: BatteryDAQ Sentry monitors render all of those obstacles obsolete!  That is correct, all of the reasons for not deploying 24/7 comprehensive battery monitoring at remote telecom sites are no longer valid.

Not convinced?  As Bruno Mars sings, “Don’t believe me, just watch!” (Click here to see photo and read more)

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Will Tesla's Powerwall improve power options?  Depends who you ask.

Somebody has to lay the track. Before real change can happen, someone, or many people, must do the dirty work. Take the side by side image of the British Underground as exhibit A.  I wonder what the word on the street was regarding that original project?

Expensive proposition to build put a train underground, in major cities, I'm sure.  A railroad across the country? That will be expensive!  Solar panels? Expensive.  Wind turbines?  Expensive.  Electric cars? Expensive.  Battery backup for residential and commercial properties?  Expensive.

Continuous battery monitoring? Exp…now wait just a minute!  Not anymore!  If you haven’t priced out BatteryDAQ monitoring systems, you should.  And, when you do, get ready to smile.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, last week, Tesla’s well publicized CEO, Elon Musk, announced the roll out of the Powerwall for residential use and the Powerpack for commercial applications.  The Powerwall will be shipped first and has a bit more detail released.  In fact, just enough detail for the pundits to weigh in.
As you would imagine, with such an announcement, there are people who rally to both sides of the issue, proclaiming glee, or doom, depending on where their allegiance lies.

Here are some specifics about the Powerwall product ( (Click here to read more)

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"It's Nice to Know" | The Core Value of Continuous Battery Monitoring

April 14, 1912 – The best ship, the best captain, the best crew, indulgent passengers, calm seas, no moon, full speed, discounted warnings of ice, and a false sense of security.

"Iceberg, right ahead!”

Too late.  Titanic sank, on its maiden voyage, 103 years ago this month.  The lessons from that fateful night were immediately carved into history, never to be dimmed by time.  Yet, those same lessons are repeatedly unheeded, even today.

Technology keeps improving and allows data and consumables to be delivered, stored, accessed, and analyzed with seeming ease.  At least, that is what the average consumer believes.  From appliances to smart phones, our lives are becoming more dependent on energy and data.

In 2015, we have the best devices, the best minds, the best inventions, indulgent consumers, unlimited plans, increased speed, discounted warnings of infrastructure concerns, and a false sense of security.

See what I did there? (Click here to read more)

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Thermal Runaway in VRLA Batteries | Render it Harmless through Monitoring


Thermal runaway is the disaster no one saw coming until it is too late.  It sounds like a horror movie, and it could well be, if batteries are not properly maintained.

Every article on the subject will point out something like “If the design of the battery, coupled with the installation location, allows for proper dissipation of increased battery temperatures, thermal runaway is unlikely”.

If, just isn’t a strong enough word, is it?  There are plenty of corny sayings that grandparents used to proclaim about “ifs and buts”, to make anyone realize things like possible battery explosions shouldn’t be left to chance.

So, what is “Thermal Runaway” besides a cool name for trouble with a capital “T”?  Well, thermal runaway is a failure mode of a battery when it is on a constant voltage charge at an elevated temperature, which leads to its destruction through internal heat generation, due to high charging current.

The result?  Here is a picture.  (Click here to continue reading)

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Building a Better Mouse Trap | The Revolution in Continuous Battery Monitoring has Arrived

Allow me to boast.  As I write this blog, on a plane heading to Florida, a BatteryDAQ Sentry 0212S15 continuous battery monitoring system is in the overhead compartment above my carry-on bag…business clothes included.  The complete battery monitoring system for 30x12V batteries, wiring and all, weighs in at an impressive 8.5 pounds and fits into an 18” x 24” box.

Tomorrow, I am meeting with a decision maker, and I will hand her the package that contains everything needed for installation.  No other comprehensive battery monitoring system manufacturer could even contemplate such a show and tell.

In this case, size matters. As the need for battery backup continues to explode, space is at a premium, whether it be on a rack, or inside a cabinet. 

The continuous battery monitoring revolution has arrived, and BatteryDAQ is leading the charge.

But wait, I’m not done boasting yet.

For a continuous battery monitoring provider to survive and thrive in the coming years, it must meet certain design and functionality criteria.  Among the most critical elements that any battery monitoring solution must possess are: (Click here to read more)

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